Congratulations Niamh McCormack from everyone here at Remember Us

Huge congratulations to our member Niamh McCormack (16) winner of the Junior Cycle Award 2020 at

Skerries Community College. What an amazing achievement!!   The award is given out each year to a Third Year student who has embodied the spirit of Skerries Community College consistently over all three years. Teachers are asked to nominate one of 180 students in the year. Usually it’s given out at end-of-year assembly. but because of the pandemic, Ms Margaret McLoughlin (year head), Marise Carr (student enrichment officer) and Delores Cunningham (special needs assistant) called around to Niamh’s house for a surprise social distance presentation on May 28.  Niamh’s grandparents, friends and neighbours were tipped off and gathered outside the house. When Niamh came to the door she burst into tears as she got a huge round of applause. She was so delighted and surprised to see everyone.


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