Dear Reader

We are delighted to confirm to you all that Remember Us is a truly open, honest, vibrant and accountable charity that brings a unique and essential support to people with special needs and their families in the North Dublin area.


Be assured if you are one of our supporters your heart is in the right place and so is your money and your work on our behalf.


Our purpose is to bring a ‘whole of their lives’ support service to our facility users and their families. There is nothing singular about living with the challenges of special needs it is not just a challenge for the individual, or the moment or the early years. It is a challenge for all concerned, the person, the family and circle of friends, for life.


We love the challenge and never forget the rewards that this special community brings to itself to each of us and the wider community we live in.


We do not take anything or anyone for granted, everything we get, we value and every cent we spend is carefully considered. Please check out the rest of our website and see some of the work we do, our future plans and the location of what is to become our ‘forever home’.


Be our patron if you can, be our volunteer if you would, be our friends always and please never be a stranger. Remember Us, we will never forget you and everything you do to make us possible.

Thank you,


Nora Roban

25th July, 2016

Remember us would like to express their sincere gratitude to the following people and organisations who have become Patrons of Remember Us.