Our Story

How we came about


Remember Us was set up by Nora Roban in 1998. When asked why, Nora replied
The answer is simple. My son Paul has special needs. It is absolutely vital for people with special needs to develop their social skills and self-esteem early in life, to help integrate into society. I instinctively knew that without developing this side of his life he would always feel inadequate and isolated from society. This would inevitably lead to even greater problems as he got older. After years of searching and failing to find such a place, I decided to set up Remember Us, for Paul and for other children like him.


We all know the importance of social integration and for most of us it occurs in a very natural way. As a result we very often take it for granted. Like others, I had tried mainstream clubs for Paul but unfortunately the experience left him feeling even more isolated because of his inability to participate at the same level as the other children.


People with special needs initially require an environment where social skills can be taught and nurtured. They need to be able to experience the same social activities as other people, but in surroundings adapted to their needs and where they feel comfortable and not threatened or scared. A place where they can interact with each other and with their families without feeling they are different and don’t belong.”


Since 1998 our club has grown from a handful of people to now being an integral and invaluable part of the lives of 250+ families impacting on over 850 people.

As the old adage goes: If not you – who? If not now – when?

Cool Kids. 4-8 years

Clay Modeling

Fit for Fun Sessions


Chill Kids

Magic of Music

..and many more

Cool Dudes. 9-12 years


PJ’s Playcentre

Learn It.ie (Lego Challenge)

Tag Rugby

..and many more

Cool Gang. 13-17 years

Hip Hop Dance

Circus Skills

Restaurant/Theatre Outings


..and many more

Cool Rockers. 18 years +




Sport and Drama

Restaurant/Theatre Outings

..and many more

Family Respite

4 per annum

2 to 7 nights

Parents Respite

2 nights per annum

Once a year

Summer Camp

6 weeks

5 days per week

Easter Camp

2 weeks

4 days per week

Remember us would like to express their sincere gratitude to the following people and organisations who have become Patrons of Remember Us.