Petition to Fingal County council re entrance and exit to our base

Hi all. I would be really grateful if you could sign the attached petition please.

Getting into and out of Balbriggan Retail park to attend Remember us special needs group is a nightmare, a death trap and something needs to be done. Cars/lorries etc are flying into and out of Balbriggan. It is becoming increasingly impossible to get out of the park. We have clubs 10 times per week between mornings and evenings. There have been a lot of near misses in the past few months.

An assessment was done about 20 years ago that said there were no issues. The nature of the business in the park has changed drastically since then.

There is going to be more major incidents/deaths if Fingal county council don’t implement  traffic lights/ road traffic management systems urgently. Signage is a waste of time as no one adheres to them.

A major accident/ someone is going to be killed if something isn’t done Soon.


Nora Roban

Founder/ Coordinator

Remember us Special Needs charity

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